Dr. David Schuler

Dr. David Schuler’s plan is simple, he wants to “change public education in this country forever.”

Schuler, who was named the 2018 AASA National Superintendent of the Year for High School District 214 in Illinois, has always been an advocate for public education. His mother was an educator while he was growing up, and that inspired him to become a teacher.

Before becoming the superintendent of Dist. 214, which he has been for the past 13 years, Schuler started his educational career as a social studies teacher, then moved on to be an athletic director, high school principal, and then superintendent of two schools in Wisconsin. Schuler has also served as the President of the Superintendent Association (AASA), from 2015-2016.

Through his work in education, Schuler has pushed to make college more accessible to students. His push has led to a Career Pathway program that offers access to a sequence of career-focused courses, early college credit, internships and career credentials, and the passage of critical education legislation for his district.